The Ancestral Families

The Ultimate Ancestor

So far, nearly all Swanborough ( and alternate spellings ) descendants have traced their routes back to one man. Nicholas Swanborowe. Nicholas was born in 1614 to Marie, the wife of William Swanborowe. What is unusual is that the parish records highlight something that helps us even further. It appears that William was away at work when Marie fell pregnant, and rather than turn her away it appears he took the youngster into his family and gave him his name. What is even better is that the true father is named on the parish records. His name was Nicholas Lyne.

"Nicholas, s. of Marie Swanborowe, begotten upon her, as she herself doth confess, by one Nicholas Lyne, in the absence of her husband, baptised 17 Mar 1614."

Below are the earliest families as of 2000 ( Bonnies Site ) that people have traced their families back to. I will endeavour to update this to include information discovered since then.

The Swanborowe Line of All Cannings, Wiltshire

Nicholas Swanborowe and Joan Stuckle - (1613-1684)

Joseph Swanborough and Judith Davis ( 1 ) and Alice Stevens (2) - (1658-1726)

John Swanborough and Mary Ashton - (1710-1766)

William Swanborough and Sarah Patrick - (b1752) - Descendants found in UK and US

Thomas Swanborough and Hester Bewley - (b1756) - Descendants found in UK, US and Australia

The Swansbury Line of Elstead, Surrey

Robert Swansbury and Bethiah Colyer (1763-1784) - Descendants found in UK

The Swansborough Line of Godalming, Surrey

Thomas Swansborough (b1782) - Descendants found in UK

The Swansbrough Line of Somerset

Thomas Swanborough and Elizabeth ( circa 1800 ) - Descendants found in Somerset, Wales and US