History of the Swanborough Families

Migration and Occupation

The early Wiltshire Swanborough had simple occupations ranging from the lowly farm servant to the village blacksmith. Overtime however, the population grew to levels that the village could not handle, so, individual families slowly moved away, branching into to other parts of the country and the world, to eventually take up new occupations in the new areas they moved to.

Below are some stories of the family movements and reasons.

English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish Migration

Coal Mining - From Wiltshire to Wales to the Americas

American and Canadian Migration

It seems several branches moved to the New World

Coal Mining - From Wiltshire to Wales to the Americas

African, European and Asian Migration

Descendants have been found in South Africa

Do you have Swanborough ancestors who migrated to Europe and Asia ?

Australian and New Zealand Migration

Several families made the move to Australia, via choice or otherwise