Tracing our "roots" became a reality with widespread use of the Internet and the World Wide Web. E-mail enabled distant relatives to meet in cyberspace and exchange family tree information from their family branches.

The materials are being consolidated here on this web site so all family members can review, add to, correct or comment upon or wonder at the information we have gathered from diverse locations over many years. Most libraries now provide access to the web so no one need miss out on this family information.

Whether your name is Swansbro, Swansbrough, Swanboro, Swanborough, Swansbury, or variations thereof, it appears your history began in England in the Wiltshire area, probably as far back as pre-Christian settlements in the area. There is no question that we were around in the Saxon time period.

This is an ongoing family history quest, and if you wish to join us or have questions, please e-mail any member of the research team. If you have information showing any errors in our relationships, please let us know what to correct. The web enables a dynamic ever-growing family tree. We welcome any and all comments, advice, leads, and help. The Web has enabled us to get this information together and out to the Swanborough worldwide family.